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Get out...(Leave)...right now
Written at 1:07 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 04, 2004

My whole existance balances on my procrastination.

I was worried with the move I wouldnt get my car registration renewal in the mail. Then I did. Then I thought about having to stand in a long line to give them my change of address at the DMV. Then I realized you can just check off the little box on the form. Then I worried about how long it would take to get my car smogged and if I could wait for my car or drop it off. Then I found out that it only takes 20 mins.

My point is...this dance started almost 2 months ago and my registration is due in 10 days. Procrastination isnt an option anymore. I need to get up off my ass and just do it.

So now, when I really feel like plopping down in bed with a good movie and just staying here all day, I'll be getting my car smogged.

Moral of the story is...procratination sucks. Do it, do it now. Dont wait until the last possible moment. So without further adieu, I am leaving now...