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Save me from the nothing I've become
Written at 1:52 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 10, 2004

What is worse than feeling like shit on a stick?

Looking equally as bad...and running into your boss (the big guy who owns the company) and some big-whig at lunch...and wanting to duck under the table while hoping and praying that they dont see you OR recognize you.

Operation Stealth Employee...a big failure.

I look like an escapee from a Romanian refugee camp. Hair a big, blonde heaping mess. No make-up. Wearing the first thing I could scrape together this morning, unsure if I even match because I couldnt open my eyes far enough to even tell. Its like a billion degress outside with 1,000% humidity. Fun, fun!

On the bright side...I think this experience mortified the headache right out of me. Okay, maybe it was finaly getting food in my stomache...but I am stil mortified.

Let the weekend begin...