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Its my party (of 1)...and I can cry if I want to!
Written at 6:05 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2004

Tomorrow is my birthday...and I think its going to suck!

First off, I am none too happy about turning 29. This will be my last birthday in my 20's. I wouldnt be as pressed about it if I were further along with where I want to be in better job, cool boyfriend/husband, better know, more defined. Secondly, I have a very distinct feeling I will be sitting home watching Lifetime movies all day instead of being anywhere celebrating. I dont want to spend my birthday alone...which is exactly what I think I'll be doing.

Face it...I am so going to be that crazy old lady in the corner house with 50 cats. And little kids are going to dare each other to ring my doorbell.

Getting old(er)...alone...well, that just sucks!!!