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Dont let me be misunderstood...
Written at 11:22 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2004

I'm sorry and apologize now, but I just have to (Angel, you might want to hit the back button now)...


I'm sorry, but it is. Walk with me here...

No one is ever where they should/need to be, but I am expected to be. No one can show me how to correctly (correctly being the operative word here) do something, ANYTHING, although they are very good at demanding it gets done...another thing just expected of me. There really is noone to sit down with and go over things with...everyone is either too busy or equally as clueless. And its just so frustrating! I am way too over-qualified for this. I kinda miss my old job. Not so much on every-other friday when I get paid. But I miss the comraderie of working with people I care about and vice-versa. I miss the mental stimulation of always having to be on my toes and being constantly busy. I just dont know how long I see myself being here. The pay here is better, that's for sure. But I just dont know if the better pay equals it out in any way.

For example, my boss calls today..."Did someone call me?" "Yes, you've had a few people calling today." "Who were they?" "Oh, I dont know...I didnt ask..." (Getting cut off here) "You need to write these things down." "Oh, I'm sorry, when I transfer someone to your cell phone, would you like me to take a message as well?" "Oh, you transferred someone to my cell? I havent checked my messages, I just called back because I saw this number."

I know, it was a misunderstanding on both parts. But that's just it, just what this job is...ONE BIG FUCKING MISUNDERSTANDING!