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Hold on for one more day...
Written at 10:16 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2004

I have never wanted so badly to lay on the floor while kicking and screaming.

I just dont think I can do this job. And its not about whether I think I can do it, I am quite confident that I can. I just dont think I want to do it. And I hate this feeling, because I left a job I loved...for this! The only thing, I mean ONLY thing, that is better is the pay. Is it worth the headache and frustration? I am not sure. I am sure that I'm not happy here and fairly sure the raincloud will not lift to where I am.

So this is what happened..."MrMedBoss" comes up to me and wants me to take care of something. So I niceley ask if he can show me how to do it once so that I can see how to do it and wont need to ask again. He takes about 30 seconds out of his schedule to attempt to show me...then the phone rings and he has to take the call. He then comes back, spends another 30 seconds on my question, says "Just figure it out" and walks away.

Fuck that!

My time here is limited...