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Just a day, just an ordinary day...
Written at 8:23 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 17, 2004

Against my better judgement I am going to make this work. Because that is just how I am...if it doesnt work, I force it to. I dont give up and I am not a quitter. I beleive the greater rewards come when you stick to your guns, fire back and are determined to get what you want.

I look at it this way...I need the money more than anything. I can eat shit for 8 hours, because there are 16 remaining hours in a day...and my meals will be shit-free for those 16 hours. I can be a corporate oompa-loompa for 8.

So life is plugging along for me. No real complaints here...wish I were thinner, richer and had more time to do things I wanted to do instead of work. But who doesnt wish for those things, right. So overall, I'm good.

I went to Mo's house this morning to get my shot, so I could get that over with and out of the way for another week. She's going through some stuff of her own, so I'm trying not to bog her down with any more.

I am wearing a new shirt that I just bought yesterday. Its a cute little jersey-tee that says "Save the drama..." on the front and "For your Mama" on the back with a cute little turtle. Its adorable, BUT it has glitter on the words. And everyone knows that you end up wearing 99.9% of the glitter on your face, hands and arms instead of your shirt.

I want to do something fun this weekend. Its friday and I need to do something fun. Matt will be working all weekend, so I'm thinking I might try to talk my lil' Angel into something fun. How about it?