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Written at 1:02 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 20, 2004

I just wanna go home and go back to sleep!

This morning has been horrible. Aside fom the time sheets fiaco, which involves alot of hand-holding, we have a tiolet nightmare.

When I say a toilet nightmare, that is my polite way of saying that water is gushing out of the base of the toilet and flooding across the floor. And when I say water, I really mean to say dirty, nasty, foul-smelling sewage. The worst part is, no one wants to accept or realize that this is a bad thing. "Oh, we're moving in 10 days...dont worry about it" is the response I get every time I ask to call the company we lease the office from. Apparently, its easier to clean the mess up and pretend that it wont happen again. I am most confident that someone will need to use the restroom in the next 10 days...and I'm more confident it will happen again being as this is the 5TH time its happened sine I've been here (about a month).

This is just sick. When it begins to smell...I'm outta here! Until then, you'll find me at the corner gas station...I'm working under protest now.

Other than this to come in to first thing on a monday morning, all else is good. I have a headache, but that could be a combination of stress and stench. Had a good weekend. I pampered myself at the salon yesterday for a little bit. 'Twas nice!

Tonight I am going to enjoy a nice night at home. Maybe make a nice dinner, rent a movie or two, climb into my huge, confortable bed and RELAX. Only another 4 hours until fantasy becomes a reality!