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Aint no mountain high enough...
Written at 11:29 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2004

I woke up this morning ready to conquer my life. I constantly sit back watching it all pass by feeling like the victim. I am the victim...of my own circumstances. Which really doesnt make me that much of a victim at all.

First, I can sit back and be frustrated about my job because there is so much I dont understand and noone wants to take a minute and a half to explain it to me. So I'm going to be pro-active and take it upon myself to figure out what I need to know.

Next, I simply refuse to sit back and deteriorate. I refuse to allow my disease to define me instead of the other way around. I will pledge an all-out war before I am defeated by this. I have been doin g alot of reading about Omegas 3/6/9 and how beneficial they are to people with MS. Its been so confusing reading about this. The one thing I've learned is...the internet doesnt always make sense as a resource and it all contradicts itself any way. If anyone (Melanie, you might) knows or have any suggestions...I'm all ears.

Lastly...MATT. OMG, he never shuts up. When women say "You never talk to me, I never know what's going on in your head", that couldnt be further from the truth for me. He talks like all the time, he'd follow me into the shower if he could. I cant sit and watch tv quietly, I cant eat quietly, I can barely sleep quietly. I may have to be forced to slip him something just to get a little peace and quiet. Because, yeah, I've tried politely telling him to pipe down....I've even come right out and told him to SHUT THE FUCK UP...neither worked. That just unsued a conversation about why I didnt want to communicate. Communication shouldnt be this painful. BE QUIET!

So yeah, I have alot of obstacles ahead of me...some hurdles, some mountains. I have comfortable shoes on, a positive attitude and confidence I'll make I'm not scared!