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Written at 8:55 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004

There are three of us here at work today...only three.

Everyone is out for one reason or person called in sick, another a dentist appointment, another in the hospital, another in classes all day and another waiting for his wife to bring him gas money so he can get to work. And on top of it, the computers werent working until about five minutes ago. This should be fun.

I've been up since 4 am and am running off of really bad coffee. I didnt have time to stop where usually stop on my way in, so I'm drinking what was made at the office...mud.

In about 20 mins one of the three of us here will be leaving...and its not me (insert deep sigh here). And then there were two.

We're moving our office this saturday, which means that no one will begin packing or getting ready until, oh, probably friday. And I thought I was the procrastinator...go figure!

And to add some excitement into the mixture, Matt just started a new job my ex's old company. Now, Chris ("MrLightening") doesnt work there anymore, he's living in a house on the beach in Hawaii (Boy, did I miss the bus on that one or what?), but I know his friends that still work there. I mean, I'm not too terribly worried...not really worried at all. I just really like having my own things and I dont really like these two things colliding. What it boils down to is, I dont need Matt finding out certain things. Probably not going to happen, but always a possibility.

I'm a little mentally drained right now. This day has to brighten up a little. I cant say I'm not nervous about being stuck here with one other employee. Its not the quantity that worries me, its the quality. Now, before I say anything else I have to clarify that its not him, its me (Dont we all say that?). I'm afraid his over-politeness is going to make me lose mine. If he apologizes to me or thanks me or asks me how my day is one more time, I might crack. Its okay to ask/say these tings to me...occassionally...not every time you pass by my desk.

Now, if you need me...I'll be hiding under it!