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The IRS sucks!!!
Written at 10:35 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 06, 2004

I feel like I've been to hell...and am not fully back yet...still attempting!

I have had the worst 24 hours. Possibly my worst ever. I feel like I am trapped in an air-tight room and just ran out of air.

Uncle Sam paid me a the tune of almost $1200. Although, instead of visiting me, he passed go, went directly to my bank and collected the money himself. If I sound like this is a joke, its only because if I dont make light of this I will put my head down on my desk and drown in my very own tears. I may just do it anyway.

So yeah...Uncle Sam bent me over and took what he wanted. Imagine that! The goverment raping you of your hard earned cash? Its possible!

So now I get the proud pleasure (yeah, not so proud...not so pleasurable either) of starting over...completely! Bastard Sam left me with nothing...I mean nothing! He took every cent I had. Didnt even leave me enough for a cupof coffee. But, I'll be okay. I dont give up and I dont give in!