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Thst's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
Written at 12:57 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2004

I had fun last night. Fun has become a very low basic need on my list. I havent been having much of it. My social isnt looking that good either. I'm starting to look at life from a very "Sims" perspective.

I called over to my old job to say hi to my old sales reps. I had mentioned that I would swing by after work to say hello. When I got there, there were only two people in the office...the guy I had talked to on the phone and my other old sales rep from my cat magazine. We ended up back at one of their house and hung out four a couple of hours. (See the last 4 pics added below)

I'm scratching at the door to get out nowadays. Matt has been working his seasonal job that was promised to me to be day-time hours, but has turned out to be anything but. And I promised myself that I wasnt going to sit home alone, bored and pissed off like I have for the last two seasonal times. I'm not doing it again.

Every day I grow a little bit more, but lately its been farther away from him. Every day I recognize myself less and less in his eyes. I think the person he thought I was has become someone entirely different from his idea. And I have to admit, I like the person that I have become. I really do. I dont take shit, I dont eat shit, I dont even step around shit. I give my opinion any chance I get, I stand up for myself alot more and I see the silver lining in everything. I've also learned to listen more...and perhaps talk a little less.

Anyway, the point remains the same...everyday we drift a little further apart. And I'm not at all bothered by this. I think the person he becomes is going to end up being someone that I want no association with. I think I am way out of his league. I know that sounds awfully snobby and shallow of me, but its true. I am a nicer person, more considerate. Definitely more responsible (dont let the IRS thing fool you, I am the epitome of responsibilty). I am definitely more educated than he is and I carry myself better. This doesnt mean that I care about or love him any less. It just means that our differences are starting to stand out more than they have in the past.

Enough about that...

I managed to get more accomplished today. I got CA state tax taken care of. I also worked out a deal with my car. Instead of being two payments behind, I agreed to adding two payments to the end and bringing me up to date today. So yeah, I'm getting stuff taken care of. I am very resiliant...I bounce back pretty well.

So that's my day, my life, my story...