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Give me two pina for each hand
Written at 1:50 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2004

Ok, first I need to reply to some statements from giannarazi and daze-of-rain.

Yes, the door is still open. I like it open. It gives me hope that there is more out there than this pathetic loser that sits in front of me looking for his lost life in the bottom of a 40 oz beer bottle. BUT (because there's always a but...), there is a reason that it was closed in the first place. It was another case of the "I dont have to do anything because Tracey will bend for me"'s...and I'm really tired of bending for people. I remember it was alot of me driving to see him, me doing alot more. And, I'm not sure what he had lost and was looking for, but he was looking for it in the bottom of a beer bottle too. However, I do remember feeling trust and security in every word he said...there was never any doubts like there are with Matt who by the way, somehow bumped his head and doesnt feel like he needs to answer any of my matter how big or how small.

Anyway, back to Chris. He called me last night. He asked me if I could somehow manage to get away for at least a weekend. Then, proceeded to tell me how fruitful the job market is in Hawaii. I dont know if I'm even going to contemplate that idea. That's Hawaii...its so far away.

I missed the bus there a boat?