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Written at 12:53 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 09, 2004

I know I've been a big lagger when it comes with updating lately. I've had so much to say, yet no words with which to say it with.

Let me sum it all up:
Home - okay in the meantime, although my roommate hadnt been out of her room or made a sound for four days. Up until yesterday I had suspected she might be dead in there. So sad for her, because she would have laid there until she started to stink...I dont have the stomache or the stress level to deal with that. But she's ok, so let's move on...
Matt - I'm tearing that boy up on a daily basis. I have him jumping through hoops for me...about damn time. He was either going to start living up to his role in this relationship...or die in my attempt.
Work - I'd rather not even start on that. I'm still under my desk 99.9% of my day.
Finances - For the most part...all worked out. I can resume putting money into my bank account without the fear of Uncle Sam and his gang of money mongering banchees taking my hard earned Benjamins away from me again.

That's about it...for now. Will elaborate later.