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Listening to the winds of change...
Written at 7:50 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 21, 2004

I think its storming here. And I dont say it with the ignorant blonde head tilt, "Ummm, like I think its storming here". I really cant tell.

Last night, I remember having the strangest dreams...kinda like those dreams that you cant quiet tell if they're reality or a dream. Those. And I finally woke myself up. Just in time to catch a sharp flash of lightening...followed by an earth shaking roll of thunder. I seriously thought we could be having an earthquake, it shook my entire apartment building. It really scared me. Which is strange, because normally I love thunderstorms...last night I was ready to hide under the bed with the cat. Matt just kinda shrugged me off, "We're just really close the mountains. We're at the base." I'm teflon...that isnt going to stick.

I just got off the phone with my co-worker's wife. We were supposed to go to Palm Springs today, but I'm not going out in this. That may make me seem wimpy. Well, lets just say that I've been called worse. Oh, also while I was on the phone, she told me that it snowed in Temecula...4 inches. That my friends, is not normal.

So if anyone asks...I can be found laying in bed today...doing nothing...making today a Lifetime day.

And that's it!