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Written at 8:53 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 13, 2004

So about my Christmas party. Well, first it was more like a hootanany than a nice company sponsored ADULT party. Which, secondly reminds me that we are just that...ADULTS.

It started off great. Just look at the two happy people in the photo below. Key words being IT STARTED OFF GREAT! It sure didnt end that way.

We arrived to dinner at about 6:30 due to the fact that our shuttle driver from the hotel didnt even know where the party was AND the party happened to be 20 mins away from the hotel. The first thing I did when I got there was grab a glass of champagne. And, that was the second, third, fourth and fifth thing I did. Oh, and maybe the sixth, seventh and eighth. I DRANK ALOT. By dinner, I was fine though. I was sober and really wanted to head back to my hotel room. I didnt want to take the shuttle back since I was still scarred from the ride over, so I drove my co-worker and his girlfriend in his car since they had too much.

About here is when my night fell to shit!

My co-worker and his girlfriend argued the entire drive to the hotel. Which then, sparked Matt to want to argue as well. Lets just say, the party for me ended in the parking structure of the hotel.

My hotel room phone rang all night. Another co-worker was drunk dialing me all night wanting to come party in our room since they already received several noise complaints from their room. No thanks, I think I'll pass. I didnt just drive two hours to get my ass kicked out of the Hilton. By this point, I just wanted to sleep anyway.

The next morning, I went to breakfast with the drunk-dialer's wife and kids. That's always interesting...going to breakfast already pissed off with three kids who should be in cages, or at the very least on leashes.

Anyway, I made it back in one piece with some of my sanity still intact. Needless to say, I think I will pass on the festivities next year and stay home.