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Written at 2:19 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 27, 2004

Christmas is over and I'm still standing...that has to count for something, right?

It wasnt too bad. It wasnt too good either. Basically, just overall boring. It didnt help that I spent Christmas with a bigger Scrooge than I. We went nowhere. We did nothing. And on any other regular day, I wouldnt have particularly cared. But this was Christmas and it would have been nice to do something...ANYTHING! I know where it stemmed from with was Christmas and he didnt get to talk to his kids. AND THIS IS WHY I WILL NEVER DATE ANYONE WITH KIDS EVER, EVER AGAIN!

I did leave him with this thought to chew on...If I spend my New Year like I did my Christmas, I'm going in to my New Year without him.

Matt did manage to conjure up enough Christmas spirit to go get me some Christmas gifts. I got a new color printer for the new computer I had bought a couple of months back. I also got a gift certificate to Macy's and this cute little dolphin/plant thingie.

On the brightest side of things...I received a phone call from my cousin's wife. Apparently, they have been staying at her sister's house in Huntington Beach and they will be looking for a place of their own in the area. That makes me very happy. That means I am not trapped here with NO family, at least I have someone. That makes a big difference to me.

And then to really make my day bright today, my new Versace glasses came in. They're so cute. They came with a certificate of authenticity and an ever so cute glass case that looks like a little pocket book. So this day is looking up.

I've also noticed that I have typed out this entire entry without hunting and pecking...that means my fingers are almost 100% better. I'd say 96%. That is a major improvement over the last 4 or 5 months. SO it appears that I've received presents in little places that I wouldnt have expected. Those are often the best gifts.