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Written at 2:05 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 03, 2005

I did not want to get up this morning and go to work. I was over that about the fifth time I hit snooze. But I got up and went anyway.

Ok, so New Year's wasnt that bad. I had a major headache and didnt go anywhere. We were invited to go out with a co-worker and his wife to a club out near their house. Well, there was no way I was driving an hour IN THE RAIN over the Ortega Hwy ON NEW YEARS EVE. That's just a recipe for disaster. So I just stayed home and cuddled up in my warm bed and we just stayed in for the night. I am so over going out and doing anything on New Year's. I can barely stay awake until 10 on an average night. Actually, I managed to stay awake until 9:30 and was awoken shortly before midnight. I am a light-weight.

Yesterday, we went out shopping and I bought a pair of jeans and a black sweater. I bought them with the intent on wearing them to work today. Which I did. However, I am waiting for "Cant Touch This" to break out on the radio so I can groove in my Hammer-time pants. I am thoroughly upset by this. Had I have had enough time to throw something else together, I would have. I am just baffled. It is my normal size...normal brand of jeans...AND I HAVE GAINED 5 Lbs to top it off. I suppose next time I will try my clothes on before I buy them...lesson learned. In this case, I can send them to Monique. I am sure they will fit her.

My plan today is to attempt to get an oil change. I say attempt because I "attempted" this yesterday, but at 1:00 they didnt have time to squeeze me in with the 5 hours they had left before they closed at 6. So, I am going to "re-attempt" somewhere else today. I am also going to "re-attempt" to buy another pair of jeans (having learned my lesson, I am going to try them on first). Then, I am going to stop on my way home and pick up a pizza because, well, I just dont feel like cooking today. So this is my master plan for the day. Its actually stopped raining for an hour. Its supposed to rain all week, but if I can squeak all this in before it starts up again...I am gold.

I need another three days!