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Catch me I'm falling...
Written at 10:34 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 08, 2005

So this weekend I'm grounded to my house...

I was leaving for work yesterday and walking to my car...I didnt get very far. It was raining just like it has been for almost two weeks straight. My ankle turned in and just as I was trying to regain my balance...I took a dive. Bam! Flat on the ground.

I went to work anyway. My co-worker got me ice and told me to take my shoe off and elevate my ankle. That only lasted about two hours. It was hurting so badly. That was when I decided I needed to go to my doctor's. However, by this point it was 11:30 and he would only be there until noon. So they directed me to a local Urgent Care.

What was really fun was having two of me co-workers help me down two flights of stairs and out to my car in the My foot had swollen so badly that I couldnt get my shoe back on.

So here I am...walking (more like hobbling) into Urgent care in the rain BAREFOOT. Then I had to wait another hour just to be seen. Then I had to wait to get the X-ray results only to be slapped on an ace bandageand sent on my way. Being as I came in barefoot, I had to leave that way too. Except, I had an ace bandage that I didnt particularly want to get wet so I had to wear a plastic bag on my foot. It ripped half way to my car, so that kinda defeated the purpose.

Anyway, I'm home and not planning to leave at all until Monday morning. FUCK! Just put me in a little bubble.