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Written at 12:49 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 24, 2005

I am home. Wow, that was a great weekend.

I left Saturday morning at 3 am. It was so foggy out, but that was made up for when the sun started coming up and made this beautiful sunset over the Arizona moutains. (click on picture below to see all the pictures)

When I got up the mountain, I called Mo and told her that I had overslept and I wouldnt be coming...then I told her to get her ass down to the Carl's on her street. So her and her brother drove down to meet me.

It was so nice. This town is the cutest little town. While I was waiting for at Carl's, the cashier kept coming up asking if I needed anything, any refills or anything. I've never been asked if I needed a refill at a fast food restaurant. This place is amazing. If you had blind-folded me and just dropped me off there, I would have sworn that I was in Big Bear. There is this whole historic downtown district that consists of a place called Whiskey Row (a street that is nothing but bar after bar), old Savannah Georgia looking courthouses and old historic houses. Then there is this side of the community that is huge, new houses for pretty cheap. Again, this place is amazing...and that is why I will be moving there in about 4 months.

Saturday night, we all just stayed in and drank. It was so fun. There were about 6 of us. We sat out on this huge covered porch just talking for hours. This was so exactly what I needed. I started thinking on the drive home about alot of things. I physically felt so much better being up there. For the first time in over a year I forgot that I was sick. Because for the first time, I didnt have a constant reminder every minute. I was able to go and have fun and forget about everything. It was so nice.

I was kinda sad to get back to California. As soon as I crossed the border, someone cut me off about three feet in. I'm so not going to miss this kind of stuff. I'm very anxious about getting the ball rolling on this.

Hurry up April!