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Written at 2:17 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 03, 2005

Gawd, I'm so freawkin' frustrated.

I have a co-worker that simply cannot just go to the restroom. No, he has to take something in there with him to occupy his time. Just like a little kid. One time, he took my big Office Depot book in there with him...and I told him to keep it, that I didnt want it back now. Generally, he takes in stuff that is his, stuff I dont have to deal with.

Well, today he took in his time sheet. So when he came out of the bathroom, I told him that he needed to re-write that before he puts it on my desk. He rolled his eyes at me and blew me off. Well, I dont react very well to being blown off. So I snapped, rather loudly in front of everyone, "Why cant you take a shit without entertaining yourself with things I have to touch later on". And all he said back was, "Please dont use curse words when you talk to me".

What's funny is...I will probably get reprimanded for this, but this little "shit" head wont have to hear a word.

That's just gross.