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Written at 8:25 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2005

I was randomly going to various diaries and just taking a peek. I came across a profile that just stuck with me...

..."It came to me in the form of years of whispered conversations, long discussions, true love, and lessons hard-learned. It was months of pain from divorce, bad choices, and false images of gods that could never hear me, let alone help me. It was having a disease that doesn't really hurt, but I never know if I'll even be able to walk tomorrow. It was observation of people who have the joy, life, and purpose that I was missing for so long. All these things combine to find a broken, miserable, hopeless person looking for something more."

And all I could say/think was...WOW! Its everything I feel.

I've decided no more overtime for me. I just cant handle it. I worked 55 hours last week and 50 the week before. Not doing it any more. I am mentally and physically worn down and in desperate need of "Tracey time". I need to take care of me.

So, now that I am home, I am going to grab something to eat...then take my ass to bed!

Damn, its I guess I'll be squeezing my shot in there somewhere. Why did I have to get the disease that the only medicine for comes attached to a 2 1/2 inch needle. Can we get a pill or something?