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Your candle burned out long before...your legend ever did
Written at 8:21 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2005

So the funeral is tomorrow...

And it will be a very solemn event that I never in a million years thought that I'd be partaking in for this particular friend. And I say friend, because that's just what he was...a very good friend. We really bumped heads when I first started working there, but he quickly became this wonderful confidant that will sorely be missed. I am really going to miss going outside to smoke and talking about ex's and current potentials and things like that.

There are a few speculations about what happened Monday night. You know, everyone's a conspiracy theorist. One story is he walked out in front of the car by accident, another was he thought it was his brother's car. Another was that his girlfriend had something to do with it, as it was brought up that the other day (2 days before this happened) that he told a co-worker "if anything happens to me, she did it". Then there's the story that I refuse to accept...that he did this intentionally. I guess only he and God know what really happened.

So tomorrow is going to be hard...for everyone that knew any way. Some how, some way...if you knew him at all, you are severely devastated by this loss. He just had this presence that well exeeded his short, little body.

I know for me, I will forever think about him each and every Valentine's Day.