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Written at 5:50 p.m. on Monday, Mar. 14, 2005

What to say? I hate Modays!

I have had so much going on, yet I have nothing to really say.

First, Monique is coming back to California. She should be here around 9 tonight. It will be so nice having her right down the street again. (Now, if only I can get some other people back.)

Tomorrrow...oh gawd, tomorrow is going to suck! I have an appointment to get another MRI done. THis is going to suck because they're not just going to let me lay there like I did before. No, they want to inject some dye into my veins so that the MRI comes out in contrast colors. Its one thing to get an injection every week into a muscle, its a whole other thing to get it into a tiny little vein...especially when you have trouble finding a vein. Sheesh, this is really going to suck. But the lady at the MRI place was nice enough to offer to hold my hand. That just makes me seem 9 years old...not 29.

Anyhoo, I finally found someone (reliably) to give me my shots every week. The receptionist in my neurologist's office gave me the name and number of a friend of hers that runs an urgent care unit who is willing to do it for me every no cost I went there last THursday and they are all awesome.

I hate Mondays. We wont even talk about the episode I had this morning which would be better described as a complete and total breakdown that almost ended up with me grabbing my purse and walking right out of work. It was close.

TOmorrow has GOT TO BE better. I really could use this MRI thing to go well. I could really use it...