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Written at 6:05 p.m. on Thursday, Mar. 31, 2005

Wow! It sure has been a while. What can I say?

Well, for starters, I am still here. That right there says alot. I have so much to say, yet cant find the words to make any sense of it all.

I am finally finished azll of my tests. I had the MRI...and the VER...and the EMG. All that just to hear, "Well, Tracey...all of your tests are consistent with someone with MS. Just keep doing what you've been doing." I mean seriously, did she really need to RE-diagnosis me? So yay, I have a RE-confirmation that I have a disease. All RE-anything means is that your ass has already done it once before. Good! Yay!

Bitter much? Well, yeah.

So I'm trying to be positive here. My MRI was a real jolt to the system. Apparently, I have more lesions in my brain now than I did 3 years ago with my first MRI. That's not very good news. Not good at all. I was really hoping to have less...or at least the same. Anything but more.

Work is good. Finally got my review and a nice raise to boot. That kinda makes it easier to stomache.

Finally got my taxes done. It appears Uncle same loves me. In fact, so much that he wants my first born...or another thousand dollars...whichever comes first. It seems I am claiming 3. Dont know how that happened. But its making for a nice clean up.

Tomorrow is friday. That's on the plus side.