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My tears are starting to turn into time...
Written at 7:39 p.m. on Thursday, Apr. 07, 2005

Things are getting much better. I've been trying to keep myself busy...and so far its working.

Monique came over Tueday and we just layed on my bed drinking (okay, she drank for both of us) and watched American Idol.

Yesterday, I worked until almost 7:30 and came home and slept. So I didnt do much there.

Today, I went with my manager to a chili cook-off. That was until he bailed out to avoid some girl that he didnt want to see. So I bailed too.

One of my co-workers has been asking me every day to get out and go to the gym with him. I didnt want to push it since I went and got my shot today on my lunch. I dont want to risk the night screams of pain (followed by a headache/hang-over feeling tomorrow) that I've been told I do in my sleep. Apparently, it sounds like I'm being tortured.

So I stayed home tonight.

That's okay because there IS always tomorrow. Which will be a friday...a pay-day friday at that. So I told my co-worker that I'd go tomorrow with him instead. We also talked about an Angel's game in August. My company bought season tickets and are offering some to the employees. August 2nd the Angels are playing the Baltimore Orioles (my home team) so me and three other employees are gonna go. It will be fun. The four of us have so much fun. So it'll be two guys and two girls. Not by any means a double date, but just as fun.

I like being busy. I have way too much time on my hands to kill. I've noticed that I physically feel better the more that I push myself and its when I slow down that I start to hurt and my body slowly shuts down. And I just cant have that.

So this weekend is all about lounging around and doind what I want. I am going to go the gym (maybe even get a membership), go get new clothes (since I'm still losing weight and my clothes are starting to look like I am playing dress-up in my mother's closet) and maybe go to the pool for some sun and relaxation.

That all sounds fine to me...