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You're so unbelievable...
Written at 10:21 p.m. on Friday, May. 20, 2005

See...farther and farther...apart.

No, that has to mean good things for me. I tend to write here mostly when I'm at low points, so my lack of writing means things are going well for me. I've been getting out ALOT more and redefining who I really am.

I had a pretty good week...

I saw my friend Rebecca earlier in the week. She came over and saved me from the hell I like to call my roommate. We sat outside on my patio for hours talking, drinking, laughing...and more drinking. It was a blast.

Yesterday I had to leave work early. I wasnt feeling well at all. I left work and headed to get my shot before I went home to die (sigh!). At the Critcal Care Center is where my day fell to shit. They have been giving me my shot without any problems for over two months now. NOW they have problems. They want $$$. Primarily from my insurance company, but from me if they wont.

While I was there listening to this Nurse Ratchet, she was telling me about a treatment that I should try called Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG). This is one article I found and I must admit, I'm not sure about what to do. It has its pros and cons. Its is a once a means vein, alot different than muscle...con...that takes three hours...another con. oh, and I think (not sure) that its using someone else's blood...scary con. But I've heard great things about this and MS patients. I'm scared to try it, but scared not to try it. What if its my ticket out of this worn down cage that I call my body? What if ?

I just dont know what to do...

So tonight, I met up with my friend Lauren. Went and had dinner at Chili's and thn to the movies to see "Monster in Law". Good Gawd, she reminded me of Curt's mom. It was a great movie, just hit a little too close to home for me.

Oh, and today I made plans to go to Big Bear Lake for Memorial Day weekend. I am going to walk around the lake, go shopping, go whatever I want. It will be so nice. And the weather is significantly cooler in the mountains, so I should be just fine...better than fine...AWESOME! (See...Tracey is being positive...GO TRACEY!)

There you have it!