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Written at 6:24 p.m. on Friday, May. 27, 2005

So, I think I'm going to do it.

It just scares me having anything to do with someone else's blood. But its just the plasma and it goes through a whole cleaning process. Its worth a try, right? No harm, no foul.

I was worried about getting my shots authorized so Monique offered to come over and give it to me. So when the nurse called to let me know I was all good, I told them I had today covered and would be there next week. Well, Monique's car wouldnt start so I had to go to her. No fault of hers, I just really was looking forward to going home and relaxing...not spending 45 mins roughing 405 traffic. DAMN!

So this time tomorrow I am going to be walking around the lake, maybe do some shopping and just plain relaxing. I am so excited. Should be alot of fun. I hope my favorite restaurant, Mozart's Cafe, is still there. I just love Big Bear.

Bring on the weekend!