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I know it's up for me...if you steal my sunshine
Written at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Jun. 01, 2005

We all have that one friend...that one friend that although we love them dearly, we want to wring their knecks for stealing our thunder.

I have a friend...that I work with...that can never let me have my own identity...she wants to share mine. I dont know...she's young so maybe she hasnt fully grown into one of her own. But gets a little tiring sometimes. I get my hair cut...she goes on her lunch the next day and cuts hers. I wear my glasses every now and then when my optic neuritus is bothering me...the very next day she walks in to work wearing hers...that she never wears. I mentioned going to Lake Arrowhead this she wants her boyfriend to take her there THIS weekend.

It gets tiring. Because I enjoy my individuality. And I like being unique. And I dont feel so unique around her. Tiring? Hell, its just plain annoying sometimes.

Guess its just another thing in life that I just have to suck up and accept. DAMN!