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Written at 9:20 a.m. on Wednesday, Jun. 01, 2005

So yeah...Big Bear was just exactly what I needed.

I got up there and checked into my room. The weather was perfect so I walked around for a little bit. Across the street was a bowling alley, so I headed over there first. I had just driven three hours in holiday traffic and I was starving...HOWEVER, I did not just drive three hours to eat at the snack bar of the bowling alley. So I headed down the street to a cute little Mexican place.

Since it was a holiday weekwend, there was always something going on. It seemed like there were alot of people up there, but everyone I talked to said that they had been expecting a bigger turnout for the weekend.

The next morning I got up, had breakfast and headed out. I went walking aound the village to do a little shopping. I walked around the lake. I did so much walking. The weather was perfect...not too warm with a little breeze. I just really needed (and deserved) this weekend.

I am thinking next weekend I may go up to Lake Arrowhead. I just really need to start getting out of the house and living a little more. Even a little more than I have been would be nice.

So, I'm going to call around today and see what I cant come up with for this weekend.