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I am me...and I'm okay
Written at 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, Jun. 09, 2005

Today...was better than yesterday. Am I the only one to see a pattern here?

My day started off good. I was standing in the bathroom waiting for the water to get hot and I thought for shits and giggles I'd step on the scale to hear how loud it laughs. No laughs...down another 5 lbs. My day was already looking good.

The first part of my morning was okay. Lunch has been a hard time for me. Matt and I would meet for lunch at the same place everyday...of course, it was just so I could buy it for him. *coughLOSERcough* I just had this haunting feeling that if I went anywhere near that place, that I'd run in to him. So I opted to call one of my old co-workers to see if I could stop by and say hello to him and a few other people. It was strange being there...seeing someone else sitting at MY desk. It was good to see my old co-workers. One of them invited me to go to lunch betcha...should be fun.

After work, I went to get my nails done. I had some time to kill before Lauren got off work. While I was there, another old co-worker called and invited me out Friday night. Definitely doing that too.

I finally met up with Lauren at "Cheers". Funny, because she had mentioned at one point in the night how the place reminded her of "Cheers". So we're siting at a table and I'm noticing this guy looking at me with a real confused look. Finally, he came over. I knew who he was, but he confessed that he had been sitting at the table with his girlfriend wondering to himself, "I know her. I know I know her. The face looks familiar but I just cant place her. Someone finally said 'I think its Tracey'. What the hell happened to you? You're half the size you used to be". Again, totally made my day.

Then after I said my goodbyes, Lauren and I headed for the door to leave. Standing right there beside the door is this guy. So he says to me, "Thank you for singing that song. You did well". I thanked him, while in my mind thinking "Yeah, drink another one." So we got to talking. By this time Lauren was gone. So we got to talking about concerts. I told him I hadnt been to a concert in years. He asked what my favorite band was. When I told him Counting Crows, he said he'd like to take me to go see them and asked if he could have my number. He asked if I would walk to see his car (some natural gas Honda) and then he'd walk me to mine. Thankfully, both of our cars were right outside. So finally he walked me to my car and needless to say...Matt isnt the last guy I've kissed.

So yeah...I was asked out by three different guys in one day. Shit like that doesnt happen to me. I've always been the fat friend tagging along while all the guys hit on my tiny, petite, little friends. Kinda sucked. So its nice to get a little attention.

So if anyone asks, you tell them TRACEY WILL BE FINE!