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Written at 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2005

Last night was just plain freaky.

I dont know exactly what's going on with California...but its scaring the shit out of me. Sunday we had a little earthquake. Little here, but big somewhere else. Last night there was an earthquake in Northern California...its was 7.0. Then minutes later, a 3.9 a little south of the first one. Not quite freaked out by this point. That happened when I was trying to kick back, relax and enjoy my night...and then an alert came on tv. A tsunami alert from the California-Mexico border straight up to Vancouver, Canada. Thats pretty scary especially for someone who lives close to the coast.

Its one thing when its thousands of miles away (still just as devastating. Not down-playing it at all)...but its a whole other thing when its in your backyard.

Yeah, California is trying to tell me to get out.