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I dont want no scrub...a scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me
Written at 8:10 p.m. on Wednesday, Jun. 22, 2005

Why do men suck? I mean really, truly suck? Ok, not all of them.

Here's the conversation via Instant Mesenger:

"The Guy" : hey sexy
mspsyched1 : hey cutie pie
"The Guy" : wanna be ravaged by a man that thinks you are pretty damn hot?
"The Guy" : be licked all over till you cant cum anymore?
mspsyched1 : hmmm
"The Guy" : hmm?
"The Guy" : wanna sit on a magic tongue that will leave you screaming my name?
mspsyched1 : screaming, huh?
"The Guy" : yup
"The Guy" : uncointrolably
mspsyched1 : so how was your day?
mspsyched1 : lol
"The Guy" : well?
mspsyched1 : well what?
"The Guy" : does that sound fun?
mspsyched1 : you kinda lost it just by not saying hello and perhaps asking me how I just delved right into the sex talk
"The Guy" : haha
mspsyched1 : its ok though
mspsyched1 : lol
"The Guy" : why?
mspsyched1 : why what?
"The Guy" : why did I lose it?
mspsyched1 : Because you could have started the conversation something like "Hi Trac, how are ya?"...but you did something like "Wanna fuck?"
"The Guy" : umm
"The Guy" : ok
"The Guy" : it was a joke
"The Guy" : its not like I think we're ever gonna go out or anything
mspsyched1 : you werent joking or you wouldnt have been probing me for an answer
mspsyched1 : we would go out if you were maybe a little more subtle
"The Guy" : nah
"The Guy" : tried that
"The Guy" : never got to go out with you
mspsyched1 : no, you never tried that
"The Guy" : yeah
"The Guy" : for like a month
mspsyched1 : nope
"The Guy" : we had lunch, but I could never get a date
"The Guy" : you werent interested
mspsyched1 : At the time, I had just gotten out of a long relationship and wanted to take things slow, but you werent having it
mspsyched1 : not uninterested
"The Guy" : whatever
mspsyched1 : I was never uninterested, but sure whatever

And that is why he never made it past lunch. To bring you up to speed here, this is the guy that I was semi-interested in until he kept pushing for me to kiss him one night outside of my work. No one pressures me into anything. So yeah, he lost it THAT night. He works in the building right across the street, so I see him drive by occasionally.

He would've had that date if he were a little more "Gentleman-like". But no...he thought the "pushy asshole" would take him further.

Moral of story: Treat a lady like a lady, not like some pizza that you can call up and have delivered in thirty minutes or less.

I'm not that easy!