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I'm a bitch, I'm a lover...
Written at 4:18 p.m. on Saturday, Jun. 25, 2005

Have I ever mentioned how I shouldnt be allowed to roam free amongst other civilians Well, its true and has been verified today.

I woke up this morning with a conjured idea that I would try to get my hair and nails done. Let me first state that in reality (a place I dont really live) I actually got my hair done two days ago. But its been bothering me that its not of even color. Some parts real blonde and other parts real brown...when I wanted it more blended. So I went down to the hair place all "What did you do? You need to fix this." Actually, what I really said was more along the lines of "I'd like a different color". So without even having to color it, she was able to just cut it short enough to take away the brassy blonde parts. Nice. I totally like it.

Off to the nail place I went after that with my happy little content self. Now keep in mind that this is the place I go to ALL the time, so they know me. I always specify that I want my nails square...very square...not even slightly rounded. Well somewhere in between my 30 min massage I must've drifted off and didnt notice that she did them round. Of course I had to say something. I pay WAY too much money there to not get what want. So of course it turned in to this big, huge ordeal with me desribing what I meant by square. We're talking 90 degree angles, people. Remember back to basic Math in like, umm, Middle School. After hemming and hawing for 20 minutes or so, it was finally fixed to my satisfaction.

But I couldnt help but feel bad when I left. I hate being THAT person. You know, the one that always complains about stupid shit. I have rurned into this high maintenance bitch.

So yeah, someone lock me up, throw away the key and DONT let me be allowed to frolick amongst society. I am not refined enough to be an active member.