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Written at 8:27 p.m. on Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2005

I need to not be sitting my ass playing games and checking my email, rather I should be packing and getting ready.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, but time is going to fly by and get away from me unless a get moving. I took my cat to the boarding place a day early just so I would have one less thing to worry about tomorrow. I still have to go get my shot around noon. Then get back to my apartment to meet Lauren who is taking me to the airport. Lauren had mentioned going to the movies beforehnd...that just isnt feasibly possible.

So right now I've got laundry going. I'm going to be doing laundry for quite a few hours. I really just want to plop down and watch tv or take a nap.

I need to get up off my ass and get a move on! I still need to dig out my birth certificate which I have no idea where it is. I just know I'm going to forget something important.

Ok...time to go get it going.