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Written at 1:22 p.m. on Tuesday, Jul. 26, 2005

I cant believe its been 6 days since I've updated. Nothing really going on here.

This weekend went by so fast. I should have been up and out scoping apartments in the area, but did I...NO! I found out the other day that my apartments have been sold to a third party that are going to resell them as condos. I didnt even bother finding out for how much as no matter what it is, its going to be out of my price range. So yeah, I am back to apartment hunting...AGAIN. I've had quite a few people either offer to let me move in their place or go find a place with me. PASS! The whole goal here is to find a moderately priced apartment that I can afford on my own. On my own being the operative words here. I dont want any more roommates.

Speaking of roommates (and a prime example of why I dont want one),
onique called and left me a voicemail. "What is wrong with your roommate?" Monique and her boyfriend came over Sunday night. The three of us were sitting outside until my roommate came out and latched on to us and wouldnt leave. Finally, Monique grabbed her man and said they had to go. My roommate does that all the time. She always feels the need to hang out with me anytime I have company...and monopolize the coversation.