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Written at 12:02 p.m. on Friday, Jul. 29, 2005

I am soooo happy that it is Friday. I cant even put it into words. This has felt like the longest week.

First, "Mr CuriousGeorge" AKA Mike (since I've just plain given up on the whole "code names" thing) is in town. He's been here since Monday...and I have yet to see him. I keep getting calls from him, but its normally too late at night or early in the morning. Not all of us are on vacation. Some of us have these things called jobs that we have to get up early and go to...which also drives us to go to bed at a somewhat decent hour being as we have to get up so early. Jobs suck. But they give us money for all the inconveniences that come with them.

I was able to score $200 of August rent. If we let them know by today if we intend to buy our apartment or not, we get $200 of this month's rent. Let's see...pass. So that is a little bit of money that I can pocket and put towards my new apartment. Where that will be I dont quite know yet. But I'm slowly figuring it out. I did have to sell my soul to the devil (or at least his counterpart), but I'll save that long ass story for later.

Right now, I just want to sit here and enjoy the air conditioning. And avoid the outside as much as I can. Its just way too hot here. I have been feeling a little better lately. As a matter of fact this may be the first entry that I have typed out using all of my fingers instead of the "hunt and peck" for almost a year now. I still have a little numbness in my fingers, but they are so much better than they were before. And hopefully they will continue to get better. (Fingers crossed)

Other than that, its been a pretty boring week here.