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Written at 11:34 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 03, 2005

Just a litte quickie one here...I dont have much time. Actually, I dont really have much to say either.

Its Wednesday, so I am halfway there. Yay for that!

I have been a nervous wreck with this whole moving thing. I didnt start panicking until my roommate came home Sunday and told me that her and her sister found an apartment and are moving in Sept 10th. My plan of attack was to just wait until Sept 1st to come to a decision. I was going to call a bunch of private rentals and see what I can get and for how much. Then if I couldnt find anything by the first, I was just going to move back to the apartments I moved out of to move bedroom of course. So yeah, that was my plan. Its literally driving me crazy though. I am a Virgo...and we are so not good at flying by the seat of our pants. We need everything organized and thoroughly planned every last little detail. I feel so Pin the Tail on the Donkey-ish. Like someone blind-folded me, spun me around and I have to hit just the right spot. Except that I feel dizzy and about to fall over.

Other than that, everything is okay here.