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I swear I'm not 5150
Written at 12:01 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 05, 2005

So you ever have thoughts of harming yourself or others?

On my way to work yesterday, driving on a two-lane-both-ways road, a motorcycle sped in between my car and a car directly next to me in the next lane. I beeped my horn at him. Not in a "your a stupid ass who shouldnt be allowed to have a motorcycle" way. It was more of a "Damn, you could've caused a really nice accident there, Mr Motorcycle guy" beep. To which he responded by giving me the finger. Hmmmppff! Now I do think he's a stupid ass who shouldnt be allowed to have a motorcycle.

Then Monique. I'm not even going to delve into that. I am going to leave it alone and just say I was very frustrated to say the least.

Then I come home to my home phone being turned off. I sat thinking to myself, "How can this be? I just paid it." So I proceed to call the phone company. "No Ms. did just pay it. You have a $14 balance. Your roommate hasnt paid her phone in three months and when one account is past due it affects the other, therefore your phone got turned off because of hers." Great. So I tell him that I am going to call her and someone will call him back. Most likely her since its her that needs to pay. "Well, when you call her about the phone, you may want to let her know that the cable hasnt been paid in three months either and is out for disconnect today." Great. I am going to lose my cable too? All I know is I've paid her the last three months. See...this is why NO MORE ROOMMATES!

So next time I am asked if I ever have thoughts of harming myself or others, I can confidently and honestly answer that. Others...about 50 million times a day. People are stupid, man.