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Let the rain fall down...and wake my dreams...let it wash away my sanity
Written at 9:26 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2005

This is weird. Its raining here. It never rains in Southern California (insert song here)...let alone in August. When I lived in Maryland, this didnt seem strange at all. But never usually rains past March. We get "June gloom" and it always looks like its about to rain but never does.

Anyway, now that we're over the weather report.

I have sorta actively been looking at apartments. I say sorta only because I really cant look at them yet. I can only comparison shop for now. But its literally driving me crazy not having it all planned out down to the last detail. Yesterday when I went to the doctor's, I should've asked for the strong shit.

Yeah, the doc's office sure was fun...umm, not. I had to go because for some reason the doctor that used to throw me any perscription I wanted, is now requiring me to come in like every other month. And its not like I'm getting crazy perscriptions either.

So I went in there yesterday for my "Well Woman" exam. No fun. Especially when your doctor freaks you out by walking in with a MALE med student. Thankfully he left. I was, however, walked in on when I was taking my clothes off and again when I was putting them back on.

Afterwards, I told my doctor, "Okay, you know I just wouldnt be me if I didnt come up in here like some neurotic hypochondriac." He laughed...I didnt. So I kept him busy cjecking out about four other things. Three of which really werent and arent all that important. I did have him look at my eye. I have had this teenie, tiny little white bump along my eyelash line. It doesnt bother me at all and I tend to forget its even there. I just wanted to keep my doctor busy. And I figure I pay good money for health benefits, so I should use them when I can. So yeah, my eye things (I made that plural, because he found another one on my upper eyelash) are little cysts. Yuck! But he gave me some goopy shit to put in my eye before I go to sleep. Fun.

Oh, yeah. I had asked him about the IVIG thing that I'm contemplating. He thinks I should stay with the shots I've been taking. He said in the medical world the IVIG is kinda primitive. The shots I've been taking are more advanced. I plan on getting a second opinion friday when I see my neurologist. Second opinions are always good.

Anyway. I think tonight since its cooler outside, I am going to go to the lake for a long walk and some frozen yogurt. I am finally feeling better, so I am going to do as much as I can while I can.