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Dont wanna wait til tomorrow...why put it off another day?
Written at 8:09 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 09, 2005

Okay, I know I'm just totally sucking at this updating thing. I'm trying, but its been hard with no internet access at home. Believe me, paying for service you just dont get sucks.

Anyway, its friday and I'm staring down another three day weekend. I have Monday off work since its my birthday. Gawd, I love three day weekends. It will be good since it gives me another whole day to pack...without interuptions. No sleeping in either. I have to be fully packed by next Saturday and as of right now, I only have three boxes packed. Not good. I have some co-workers and some other guys we do business with coming to help me. I cant have 5 or 6 guys moving three boxes. How embarassing that would be.

Other than that, life is being good to me. I cant really complain about much here. I could stand to have a little more money, but who cant say that?

No, seriously. I feel pretty good right now so I am taking advantage of it because it could be taken from me tomorrow. This is the first Friday I have woken up and not had a pounding headache. Like I said, I am feeling pretty damn good. I am not up for a 5 mile run or anything, but I made it up the stairs this morning with a latte in each hand...and didnt have to hold on to anything. Seriously, that is alot for me. But I realize now that its all really a state of mind. Positive thoughts bring positive things, right. Its my new mantra.

Ok, enough mushy crap. I am off to finish my day and begin my weekend.