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You can go your own weay (Go your own way)...You can call it another lonely day
Written at 8:22 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2005

I am surprisingly good today.

Things, whatever they may be, always have a way of working themselves out for me. I always have faith that they will, so maybe that's it. But yesterday proved to be very positive for me.

Lunch with my family was cool. I got a mini ipod and $100 from my aunt. Chocolate cake and flowers from my cousin's wife and their daughter. I also got an offer for my cousin and his wife to come help me move. Now if only I had a sofa and a queen bed to go with it all then I'd have everything. I do need to get rid of my CA King bad as I really dont think its going to fit in my new bedroom.

So last night was fun. HE saw me take the money out of my pocket and put it in my purse. "Can I borrow $20?" "Umm. HELL NO!." Then of course that was followed by all of the things he wont do for me now. To that I had to say, "I dont need you to help me pack. I dont need you to help me move. I dont need you to help me pay to get in. I just dont need you. And I dont want you either." He has totally painted himself into a corner this time. And it feels better than any revenge I could've ever gotten, because he did it to himself. I didnt do it.

My aunt called later last night. She asked me if I could come over Saturday night for a party for me and my cousin's wife. Kinda like a duo birthday party for both of us. Should be nice. Our conversation was pretty good. It was nice to hear her compliment me about how nice I look. How much weight I've lost. And mostly how proud of me she is. After hearing insults day in and day out, it was well needed. That's why I no longer take anything he says to heart. I know he's wrong. And just because he thinks something doesnt make it true. I am proud of all the weight I've lost...130 lbs. So his "you're still fat" doesnt bother me. In two days, I am moving into my new apartment and starting a new life...a new beginning. I am really excited. This is going to be such a fresh start for me.

My co-worker is coming through for me on the financial front. I've got plenty of help with the physical part of it. People are crawling out of the woodwork to help me. I feel so loved. Which is definitely not something I am used to. Not used to it at all.

This is going to be great!