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Written at 3:55 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 16, 2005

I am nearing the 5:00 hour...big YAY!

I feel like I really got alot accomplished today. Got my money order for my apartment. Finally confirmed with everyone helping me move what time they are showing up. Got two trucks to help. Managed to find a queen size bed.

Being the organized Virgo that I am, I have to have an itinerary for all of this.

After work, go to apartment. Sign lease, drop off money order.

8:00 am - My co-worker and my cousin's wife get to my house and the three of us load what we can.
9:00 am - Get to new apartment. Unload everything then wait for cable guy to come within the hour.
??? - Okay, I dont have a time on this one but a business aquaintance will be coming over with his friend to get the bigger things we couldnt get (ie. big screen tv)
Later that night - Do my best to get out of my own party. I'll be too tired and will wantto get some stuff unpacked.

Wait for a different co-worker to call and go get my new queen size bed.

That's enough. I dont think I could handle a longer list. I really hope this all goes well.