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Written at 6:03 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 07, 2005

Its been an awfully long week. It hasnt started today, but its comforting to know it'll be over in 11 hours.

This week has really sucked. Work being the suckiest part. There's this whole reshifting thing going on there. I feel horrible. The other day they let the other girl in the office go. I feel horrible because I got her the job in the first place and I feel like she thinks I had something to do with her leaving. Not the case.

I think everyone was worried about their jobs the other day. We knew someone was going. So we were each called in one by one to talk to the big boss. I went in after the girl that got let go. "Well, I think your meeting will go better than (girl who got let go)...we're keeping you."

Its a double-edged sword there. While I'm incredibly sad about her, I have to admit that I'm damn glad it wasnt me.

So its finally Friday. I have my neurologist appointment today. I'm two steps ahead of the doctor. He lectured me last visit about showing up with nothing. So I took it upon myself to get my MRI films two weeks ago when I had my last MRI. And I also got a copy of my blood test results. So I'm taking all of that with me today. I really hope this appointment goes well. I think I'll also find out which medication he wants me on.

So now, I have to just get up off my ass and get my day started. I need to get in the shower, be out the door in 45-50 mins, go to Starbucks' (its become an addiction) and call the hottie new guy on my way in to work. (I'll get to that in another entry)

The sooner it gets started, the sooner it will be over.