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He's the one you call Dr. Feelgood
Written at 3:16 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 07, 2005

okay, first and doctor appointment f'n rocked today.

I sat in the room waiting for him. He walks in looking at my chart. He looks up at me with this recognizable look and says, "Oh yeah, I remember you." I replied with a "Yeah, I'm the one who came in all ill-prepared last time but did my homework and got all that you could ask for this time." I walked in there all prepared. MRI's and blood tests all in hand. Just to be told I didnt need them. One fingered salute to the good doc on that one. But he pulled out all the MRI films and looked at them anyway. For something he didnt need, he sure had me sitting there waiting while he looked at every film...all 20 of them.

The good news came moments later. "Well, Tracey...the good news is that your spine MRI from two weeks ago came back and there are no lesions on your spine. It was all clear and free from anything." If I could have, I would have done back flips right there in his office. That is a huge, I mean huge, relief for me. I know, only by reading, that the more progressive cases have lesions all over the spine. I feel so very fortunate. Time to maticulously start taking care of myself.

The only downer came when he told me that he wants to start me on Rebif. I like my Avonex. Its only once a week. Rebif is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am just crossing my fingers that I will be able to find someone to do it, because I dont think that I can.

Anyway, my weekend is about to start soon. I'm gonna leave you with something I read off of my Starbuck's cup today...

The Way I See It #56 ~ Modern life is remarkable, but we're still human beings with basic human needs. We need real community. We need satisfying and compelling work. We need health, play, love and companionship. A century of remarkable technological advances cant undo the millions of years of evolution that have made us who we are, and to pretend otherwise is to do ourselves a huge disservice.

~ Moby

It sounded good at 7 am when I had no caffeine in me.