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Take my breath away...
Written at 12:24 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 14, 2005

It feels like a long time since I've updated. My apartment turned into the Money Pit, meaning it fell apart, last weekend. First, my garbage disposal stopped working. Then, my bathroom sink wont drain right. Next, my phone and cable went out simultaneously. I have the cable/phone company coming out tomorrow. As for the rest, I am sure I will eventually get around to taking care of it. Most important right now is phone and cable so that I can have internet access, hence the reason I havent updated in so long. Along with the fact that nothing has really happened for me to have anything to write about.

Today though...whole other story. I went out to lunch today with the guy I had been talking, or in this case not talking, about. Its his birthday on Sunday, so we went out to lunch. He's so adorable. In a older (only by 4 o5 5 years to me), sophisticated, mature way. In other words, all that I am not used to. And it helps that he is so sexy. Breathtakingly sexy. And he smells so good. Okay, getting a little distracted here. Anyway, lunch was nice. He's not at all what I am used to. He grew up with all sisters, so its the reason he feels like he "understands women".

Today has been non-stop awesome right fron the beginning. I made it to Starbuck's on time (do they have a support group for this?) and actually got the right drink this time (Sorry Laurie, I didnt mean to take off with your Pumpkin Spice Latte yesterday. He really shouldnt have told me it was my Chai Latte. Sorry if I threw your day off with the wrong cup of coffee.) It only took me two thirds of the drink before I thought, "This Chai tastes like shit" before I looked at the cup and noticed that it wasnt my drink on it...or my name. So yeah, today is much better.

I hope my weekend remains like this.