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Why are there so many songs about rainbows...
Written at 12:37 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 01, 2005

After work yesterday, I decided to go to Target. My friend/co-worker is having a baby shower in 2 weeks and she's registered there. And I thought that I could buy candy for the trick-or-treaters there too.

An hour and $120 later, I walked out of there with no present for her and useless candy. Only useless for the fact that I only had ONE kid knock on my door. But she was the cutest. About 5 and dressed as a fairy princess. I wanted to just say "For being the only kid to knock on my door, here's 30 bucks in candy for you." Instead, I just kept telling her to take more. Halloween is just so not what I remember it to be when I was little. So, a fun night it wasnt.

This morning I woke up with a desire to actually wear something nice to work. Well that and the fact that there is a marketing event that our Marketing Director wants me to go to. I dont know if I want to go or not, so I dressed appropriately just in case. So yeah, back to getting dressed this morning. I think there is something living in my closet. And I think its a frog. I was laying in bed this morning listening to it, all the while thinking it was outside. That was unti I went in my closet to get my clothes that I realized...the call is coming from inside the house.

What the hell do you do about that?

I did what I normally do...close the closet door and hope it goes away. Its part of my "Ostrich theory". If I put my head in the sand, I cant see it...and if I dont see it, than it just doesnt exist. We see how well that's faired me in the past. I may have to abort the theory and deal with it. I just dont like any creature that can jump at you like they do. I'd make the worst Herpatologist...although tests that I've taken argue that and say that is the field I should be in. Damn career counselors.

So tonight I am going to go home, have a drink and hunt for Kermie.

This should be fun...