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Written at 6:51 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 07, 2005

Not too much happening here. Okay, semi-true.

Saturday I went shopping. Bought new sheets (because the old ones are just riddled with bad chi), towels and lamps. While driving to the store, I learned that on my way to work if I stay in the middle lane, I will avoid the construction pot holes. I only learned this because this was the lane that running the red light took me.

Sunday was boring. I dont think I got out of my pajamas until 4:00 in the afternoon. And that was just to take a shower and put clean pajamas on.

I did something bad this weekend. Have you ever had someone hurt you so badly that all you want to do is hit them right back where it hurts. (No, not there.) Okay, so yeah I said something very mean. I'm not good at the whole vindictive thing, I end up feeling like shit afterwards. So the opposite of what I was trying to go for. I still feel bad about it.

Oh, the other day I bought a Medspa and hair salon package. I'm going to pass on the Botox, but I will definitely use the Microdermabrasion treatment and the Glycolic peel. No seriously, there is one Botox treatment in this package. Even all of the things in the hair package were awesome. I so deserve it.

Oooh, oooh. Most importantly. I think I am starting to get some of the feeling back in my hands. That is so major to me. For over a year now, my hands have been so numb. I've had full mobility, yet feel nothing. Without feeling, they've pretty much been useless in the moving department. If you cant feel a thing, it makes it a real bitch to do simple things. Even buttons and zippers become a pain in the ass. Its like having your hands fall asleep, but you cant wake them up.

I've also been trying to get back to wearing all of the shoes I have. For a long time I've had the cutest pair of suede cow print shoes that I'm dying to wear. I am determined to reclaim my body back. There is no room for negotiation. Its mine and I want it back.

So if its not apparent, I am in a better mood today. Its all uphill from here. Or is it all downhill from here? Who cares...things are good.

Ok, I need to get back to the nice bottle of Merlot that I have waiting. But I just want to say this before I go...

I was watching a movie tonight. And she was talking about how her boyfriend left her for another woman...and then the other woman left him. So he tried to go back to the first one and she said NO. "You'll do anything for someone you love...except love them again."

Damn right!