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Written at 10:57 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 11, 2005

Yesterday morning when I got out of the shower, my smoke detector started making this high-pitched screeching noise. So at 7 am, I called and left a message for someone to fix it...and a few other incidentals. I went to work. I called them again around noon to make sure they got my message and someone would be out to fix it. The person I talked to had no idea of what message I was talking about but assured me that someone would be out. So when I got home and nothing was done, I flipped out.

I then called their after hours service. About 10 minutes later one of the maintenance men called me, "I'm sorry, but they arent going to pay me to come out there for a non-emergency. Someone will be out tomorrow."

I think not being blonde anymore brought back a couple of brain cells. "Look Marvin. Let's not kid ourselves here. You live in my building, so please come down here and at least unplug it." And about 10 minutes later he did.

This morning, someone came out to put it all back together. I asked him if he was definitely sure he didnt use the same dead battery because I had set the old one on top, so it could've appeared to be a new one. He said he didnt use the old one. Because I feel like in order to get things done right, I litterally need to stand over people. I am way too...structured.

So little guy left and I heard this little chirp and the light wasnt on. So I called AGAIN. She told me that there should be a solid green light on. So she sent another guy back over. "Yes, he used a new battery, but he wired it backwards". He then rewired it and just as he was leaving, it chirped again. When I say just as he was leaving, it was more like I had to go running after him down the street...pajamas and all.

He came back in, "Just to be safe, I'm going to put a whole new smoke detector in." Cool. He did and said if it gives me any problem, call him and he'll come back out. He said that he'd be on the grounds until 4. That gave me 5 hours to work with. So he left.

And again, 2 minutes after he left it chirped again. No, there will be no calling the office for the 6th time. No, there will be no running down the street again. I'm going to wait it out and call if I hear it again. I dont want to be a total pain in the ass.

And all of this happened in the last hour and a half. Its just way too early to deal with this. All I wanted to do on my day off work (Veteran's Day)was clean (a little), watch the stuff I DVR'd this week and be completely lazy.

Its 11:30 now. I have 4 1/2 more hours to find out exactly how my day is going to pan out.