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Written at 11:37 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 18, 2005

I only have time for a quickie...

Nothing too interesting on this end. I am being stalked by my own family. Apparently, one must check in with family as if your aunts and uncles are your parents. I got an email last week from my aunt. The next day, I got another one from her all concerned that I didnt write her back. I did. But I accidentally closed the letter before sending it and didnt have time to sit and re-write another one. My bad on that one.

Two days ago, my cousin's wife called. She, too, sounded as concerned as my aunt. I, again, didnt get the chance to call her back. This morning, she called again. Against my better judgement I answered it. She sounded, well, just downright scary. "If you hadnt answered, I was going to drive to your apartment and demand the leasing office let me in." What was she going to do then? I'm at work.

I totally understand their concern, but I refuse to be the "Wounded Bird" of my family. The one that has to be checked on periodically, because she may have fallen and broken her hip or something. No, its not that bad...yet. I am 30 years old (God, that is such a dirty word) and I have lived on my own for the last 11 years with no problem. I dont want to start answering to someone NOW.

Anyhoo, its Friday so I'm not going to let anyone bring me down. I just want to get through today and breeze into my weekend. I was going to spend tomorrow morning laying on my sofa catching up on all the stuff I DVR'd all week. But it seems that my plan is going to be delayed due to the fact that I am 30 (that just doesnt get easier to say) and I am forced to be semi-responsible. Its going to be a cold winter. Even colder if I dont have heat, therefore I think I'm going to drop it off tomorrow to ensure they get it.

Then I've agreed to go to my cousin's house afterwards because a verbal isnt enough. I have to make an appearance to actually prove I'm okay.

So, yeah...that's about all I have.