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Written at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2005

Lunch with Emily was awesome. She brought her (almost) 2 year old daughter with her. She's adorable. She's just like her mom, she's cute and she knows it.

It is still weird to see Emily in that "parental" role. But she's a good mom nonetheless. And again, it makes me wonder if I'll ever have any kids. If I'll ever meet someone that I would want to have kids with. If I could even take care of it if I had one. Or if my body wouldnt completely go into shock from it.

But even as I sat there looking at this little 2 year old, I couldnt help just putting that aside to play with her. To talk to her. And she's smart. I know every parent brags about their kids and thinks theirs is the smartest, but this one amazes me. She's behind on her language skills and doesnt speak much, but her understanding of what you say surpasses where she should be by far. Its almost like they have their own little unspoken language. It was just a great lunch. Good food, good company.

And speaking of the food. I almost want to call in a pick up order. I had the best pasta yesterday. It was cheese tortellini in a mild sauce with mushrooms, scallops and shrimp. I cant even put into words how good it was. I'm craving it so badly.

I have way too much to do around the house today. I've shirked off all my cleaning and my house looks ransacked. So I get to spend all day cleaning and doing laundry. How fun. Its only a little place, but it looks and feels like so much to do.

Oh well, at least I had fun yesterday so I cant say my whole weekend was a total waste.